Blockchain Research Institute ™ Announces Partnership with Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.

Alliance will bring blockchain research insights and knowledge to the healthcare industry

Toronto, CANADA; January  17, 2018–  The Blockchain Research Institute ™ (BRI) today announced a partnership with Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. (Tectonic), with the goal to expand its focus to, and membership in, the healthcare community.

The BRI is a multi-million dollar global research initiative conducting the definitive investigation into blockchain strategy, opportunities, and implementation challenges.  Tectonic is a healthcare research and advisory firm providing technology-related insight for clinical and business leaders located across the world. Both organizations play a leading role in supporting strategic decisions for their clients.

“This partnership is the first in a growing campaign to expand the BRI’s network into more communities around the world,” says Executive Chairman Don Tapscott, who along with Alex Tapscott is a co-founder of the Institute. “The blockchain revolution is building momentum with leading organizations and industries, and with the help of Tectonic we are excited to support even more research by targeting new members in the healthcare industry.”

“Tectonic’s experience in leveraging blockchain to providing consulting and implementation services focused on healthcare positions us perfectly for a partnership with the BRI”, says Glenn Lanteigne, President & CEO. “Blockchain is key in the transition to efficient healthcare core practices, with the goal to improve service and accountability, and our network can greatly benefit from BRI’s world-class case studies and thought leadership.”

About the BRI

The Blockchain Research Institute ™ is a Toronto-based think-tank that helps organizations to realize the new promise of the digital economy by researching the strategic implications of blockchain technology and producing practical insights that will guide its members in achieving success.

The Institute’s global team of experts is dedicated to exploring, understanding, documenting and informing leaders about blockchain strategies, market opportunities, and implementation challenges.  There are 70 research projects underway in the areas of financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and resources, technology/media, healthcare and government; as well as how this nascent technology changes the way companies are managed.

Project deliverables include an in-depth research report, an introductory video, and a summary infographic. To complement the research, the Institute offers a suite of services to members, such as a private website for the display of deliverables, monthly webinars, two all-member summits, and other proprietary activities. The Institute’s research findings, conclusions and recommendations will be released after a period of time under a creative commons license.

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About Tectonic

Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. is a healthcare research and advisory firm providing technology-related insight for clinical and business leaders located across the world.  Tectonic combines a deep, core knowledge of healthcare systems management and planning, change management, information management and technology with the disciplines of systems engineering, law, business, operations management, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and several areas of clinical practice.

The Tectonic team is diverse, made up of 75 leaders in 12 countries united by a common mission and singular, unwavering focus on delivering practical, concrete results for their clients and create industry shifts that are tectonic in scale.

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