Toronto, CANADA; March 12, 2020 – Due to ongoing global concerns regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, organizers of the annual Blockchain Revolution Global conference have announced they are re-scheduling the 2020 event.

Organizers are currently in discussions with events partners to confirm the new dates. Organizers have announced that the event will be held in Toronto in the Fall of 2020, and will share information on the new dates as soon as they are confirmed.

“We have been monitoring this situation closely, assessing reports from public health officials and actively engaging our partners, speakers, and delegates,” said Luke Bradley, Blockchain Revolution Global director of marketing and communications. “In that time, it has become clear that the most responsible path forward is to reschedule this conference until a later date.”

The Enterprise Blockchain Awards gala, initially scheduled for the evening of April 8th, has been similarly postponed to the Fall. Award winners, chosen among a list of finalists available here, will be announced at that time.

“We are working closely with our partners to provide a world-class conference experience to our delegates this Fall,” said Bradley. “We look forward to helping business and government leaders navigate and accelerate the blockchain revolution later this year!”

Accelerating the Blockchain Revolution

Coming to Toronto in Fall 2020, Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is the world’s premier enterprise blockchain experience. Founded as a partnership between the Blockchain Research Institute ™ and MCI Group, the event attracted over 1200 attendees in its inaugural year, over two thirds of whom came from senior management or the C-Suite.

Its 12 stages showcase inspiring talks, provocative and thoughtful sessions and brain dates featuring a roster of global CEOs, practitioners and BRI researchers led by the renowned worldwide thought leader on blockchain, Don Tapscott.

For more information, please contact

Luke Bradley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Blockchain Revolution Global