Toronto, Canada; July 8, 2020: The second annual Enterprise Blockchain Awards were held on July 7th to celebrate the amazing leadership, research, and innovation in the enterprise blockchain ecosystem over the previous year. The virtual event was produced by MCI Canada and Co-Hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute ™ and the City of Toronto. Watch the replay of the ceremony here.

The ceremony recognized the work of 36 finalists competing under 11 awards categories. We would like to thank all of the finalists for their work and leadership in the blockchain ecosystem, and across their various industries.


“We were astounded by the high talent and calibre of the nominees this year.” Said Don Tapscott, “The judges certainly faced a difficult decision.”

The award ceremony, postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was originally scheduled for April of this year. The BRI worked with Partner MCI, who has already conducted over 1000 high production value virtual events this year, and together they transformed the gala dinner into a TV show experience using a combination of diverse technologies. These technologies included a virtual stage and VFX, mixed with digitized content and entertainment.

The “Virtual Stage” was managed by
Arht Media, a company specializing in delivering speakers to events as holograms. Don and Alex Tapscott, MC Catherine Clark, and others were “beamed” Star Trek style onto a massive digital stage, while winners tuned in around the world, responding live to the announcements.

“We were astounded by the high talent and calibre of the nominees this year. The judges certainly faced a difficult decision.” Said BRI Executive Chairman Don Tapscott, “I would like to congratulate all of our brilliant finalists for their contribution to the blockchain transformation underway in enterprise, and I look forward to recognizing your accomplishments in the coming year.”


The Winners of the 2020 EBAs

Enterprise Blockchain Transformation

Financial Services AwardProvenance, for revolutionizing the way assets are issued, traded and accessed globally.

Industry Solutions Award – Solve.Care, for redefining healthcare access, control, administration, and waste reduction using blockchain.

Technology & Platforms AwardIBM Blockchain, for solving major business challenges with a platform made for a multi-cloud world.

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain

Industry Solutions AwardBurstIQ, a leading provider of blockchain-enabled data network solutions for the healthcare industry.

Supply Chain Applications AwardChainyard, for developing blockchain services and solutions to help businesses to participate in a decentralized ecosystem.

Technology & Platforms AwardWorkwolf, for creating value for companies by reducing friction in the hiring and talent verification process.

Blockchain Leadership 

Ecosystem Award Victoria Lemieux from the University of British Columbia, a top university researcher and founder of a multidisciplinary research cluster on blockchain.

Enterprise AwardMarley Gray from Microsoft, a principal architect for Microsoft’s cloud-based blockchain engineering team and a champion of blockchain technology standards.

Entrepreneurship AwardLaura Bailey from Qadre, a trailblazer for women in fintech. Pushing the boundaries in blockchain technology to modernize financial markets and supply chains.

New Frontier in Blockchain Research 

Academic AwardDr. Atefeh Mashatan, a leading researcher in blockchain for cybersecurity applications.

Enterprise AwardFujitsu, for their innovative technology enabling safe ID information exchange in the digital world.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards and thank you for your leadership in the enterprise blockchain revolution.


About the EBAs:

The Enterprise Blockchain Awards are an annual awards ceremony recognizing innovation and excellence in enterprise. The event focusses on blockchain applications and solutions for business, and how industries are being transformed by distributed ledger technologies.

About the BRI:
The Blockchain Research Institute ™ (BRI) is an independent, global think-tank dedicated to inspiring and preparing private- and public-sector leaders to be the catalysts of the blockchain transformation. Funded by international corporations and government agencies, the BRI brings together the world’s leading thinkers to undertake ground-breaking research on the strategic implications of blockchain technology, producing practical insights to help its member organizations succeed.



Noah Lehman,

Manager, Communications

BRI Europe