In addition to the in-depth research projects, the BRIE provides a more digestible infographic and a video summary from BRI’s executive chairman Don Tapscott – all available through our online research portal. These research deliverables serve as the foundation of our program, but we also provide a number of other customized services to members.

In addition to proprietary access to our research, BRIE members receive:

  • Invitations to our annual All-Member Summits, where the world’s foremost enterprise leaders participate in interactive workshops and presentations facilitated by select researchers and subject matter experts
  • Member-exclusive monthly webinars and video content, featuring in-depth Q&As from select industry leaders
  • Co-branding opportunities for books and research projects spearheaded by the BRI
  • Access to our member services team, who help guide members and connect them to our global network of innovators
  • Invitations to ad hoc roundtables focusing on specific industry challenges, as well as the annual Blockchain Revolution Global conference
  • One customized executive briefing, designed and presented by our executive team to help inform members as to the specific opportunities and challenges for blockchain technology

The BRIE is also establishing a division focused exclusively on providing members with a strong and broad network of blockchain developers and integrators. Members that are seeking to deploy blockchain-based solutions in their organization will, through our engagement with their project within the BRIE Builder, facilitate the collaboration with the leading experts in the field of blockchain deployments.