The BRIE, led by Dominic Briggs, was initiated by Blockwall, Germany’s first BaFin-registered Blockchain Venture Capital fund, and the BRI (Canada), founded and led by globally-recognized speakers and blockchain thinkers Don & Alex Tapscott.

In 2017, Don and Alex founded the BRI to create a network of experts to study the various opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology, finding that its exploration shed light on more questions than answers.

  • How will this technology transform specific industries?
  • What are the true challenges and limitations facing blockchain’s development today, and how can they be overcome?
  • How will it change the nature of corporations and the management of companies?
  • What will it mean for government architecture and the creation of public value?
  • How could it help to solve the defining global issues of our era, such as income inequality and climate change?

The program has since grown into a global think-tank, supported by many of the world’s most influential companies, governments and thought leaders. In supporting the emergence of Europe as a hub for innovation and exploration into blockchain technology, Blockwall established the BRIE in 2020. Blockwall leverages their deep insights and understanding of blockchain technology and their strong ties to both the diverse ecosystem of the blockchain space and the market participants that have assembled around it in pursuing their vision of democratizing trust in a digital world.