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Don Tapscott
BRI Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Case Studies

Food Traceability on Blockchain:
Walmart’s Pork and Mango Pilots with IBM

Reshma Kamath, September 2017

Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain: MOOG Creating Efficient Global Supply Chains

Prema Shrikrishna and Vineet Narula, September 2017

Foxconn 4.0:
How Blockchain Can Handle the World’s Most Complicated Supply Chain

Nolan Bauerle, October 2017

Blockchain at our Borers:
US Customs and Border Protection Explores Blockchain

Alan D. Cohn, November 2017

Halls of Fame and Blockchain:
Votem’s Blockchain Solution in the Electoral Process

Bill Gillies, November 2017

Medical and Biopharma Research:
Managing Genetic and Health Data on Blockchain

Michael Scott, December 2017

Agriculture on the Blockchain:
Sustainable Solutions for Food, Farmers, and Financing

Henry Kim and Marek Laskowski, December 2017

Enabling IoT and the Universal Sharing Network

Alan Majer, December 2017

Diamonds on the Blockchain:
Building a Global Digital Ledger for Valuable Assets

Anthony D. Williams, December 2017

The Future of Retail Payments:
How Merchants are Adapting to the Age of Crypto

Abhishek Punia, January 2018

The Future of Travel:
How Winding Tree is Using Blockchain to Transform Business

Mayank, February 2018

Business Licensing:
Governance for Government Blockchains

Alan Wunsche, March 2018

Social Media on the Blockchain:
AKASHA and Censorship-Resistant Communications

Hilary Carter, April 2018

Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium:
Building Digital Trust for Cross Border Trade

Prema Shrikrishna and Vineet Narula, May 2018

Utility Settlement Coin:
The Need for Digital Currencies in Banking

Massimo Morini, May 2018

Consolidating Multiple Ledgers With Blockchain:
A Single Ledger for Government of Canada Accounts

Anthony Williams, November 2018

How Blockchain Can Help Regulators:
A Case for Piloting Government Agency Projects

Alan Majer, December 2018

India’s Land Registry and Blockchain:
How Blockchain Instils Trust in Haryana India

Anthony Williams, December 2018

Blockchain for Smart City Infrastructure:
The Case of Dubai

Alastair Marke, February 2019

Ride Sharing on the Blockchain:
Eva’s Community-Based Model to Create Value

Vineet Narula, February 2019

Certifying Copyright in Canada on Blockchain:
How the Canadian Intellectual Property Office Can Prepare for the Future

Davide Cargnello and Matt Jackson, March 2019

Using Blockchain to Power the 5G Bypass:
The Disruptive Potential of Mesh Networks

Charlie Morris and Dieter Fishbein, May 2019

Cryptocurrency For Ohio Tax Payments:
The Buckeye State’s Bold Initiative

Alastair Marke, May 2019

Changing the Still Image Marketplace on the Blockchain

Robert Klein, June 2019

Transforming Plastic Pollution Using Blockchain:
Toward a World Without Single-Use Plastic Packaging Waste

Michael Peshkam, August 2019


Blockchain and the CMO:
The Next Era of Marketing

Jeremy Epstein, September 2017

The Token Economy:
When Money Becomes Programmable

Michael J. Casey, September 2017

Blockchain Takes Off:
How DLT Will Transform Airlines

Chami Akmeemana, October 2017

Building a Framework for Blockchain Adoption:
What CEOs Should Know

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, October 2017

Managing Blockchain Transparency:
Strategies for a Private/Open World

Andreas Park, November 2017

How Blockchain is Transforming Creative Industries:
Copyright and Rights Management on Blockchain

Marcus O’Dair, November 2017

The Ledger of Every Thing:
What Blockchain Can Do for the IoT

Dominique Guinard, November 2017

Quantum-Proofing the Blockchain

Vlad Gheorghui, Sergey Gorbunov, Michele Mosca, and Bill Munson, November 2017

Introducing Asset Chains:
The Blockchain Enabled Future of Supply Chains

Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg, November 2017

Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts:


Nick Szabo, December 2017

The Convergence of Big Data and Blockchain:
Disrupting the Business of Data Analytics

Mark van Rijmenam, December 2017

Distributed Connectivity:
The Blockchain Enabled Future of Telecom

Christian Keil, December 2017

Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain:
Toward a New Era in Precision Medicine

Axel Schumacher, January 2018

The Networked Hotbeds of Blockchain:
Global Hubs for the Internet’s Second Era

Don Tapscott, Hilary Carter, and Jill Rundle, January 2018

The Nine Disruptions:
A New Social Contract for the Digital Economy

Don Tapscott, January 2018

Reinventing International Clearing and Settlement:
How DLT Could Transform Global Payments


Bob Tapscott, January 2018

Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces:
Blockchain Serving the Unbanked

Rachel W. Robinson, January 2018

Blockchain and the Global CIO:
How DLT Will Transform Enterprise Architecture

Oliver Bussmann, January 2018

Patents and blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property

Thomas M. Isaacson, January 2018

Blockchain and the CHRO:
Transforming the HR Function and Talent Market

Andy Spence, January 2018

Blockchain, The Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0:
Major Use Cases and Challenges

Dr. Stefan Hopf, January 2018

Blockchain For Planetary Stewardship:
Using DLT to Fight Climate Disruption

Tom Baumann, January 2018

Standardized and Decentralized:
Rethinking the Blockchain Technology Stack

Christian Keil, February 2018

Financing Open Blockchain Ecosystems:
Toward Compliance and Innovation in ICOs


COALA, March 2018

Regulatory Framework for Token Sales:
Laws and Regulations Across Jurisdictions

COALA, April 2018

The Lion, the Unicorn and the Crown:
Balancing Regulation and Blockchain Innovation

Joel Telpner, May 2018

Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education:
Preparing for Disruption, Leading the Transformation

Don Tapscott, May 2018

Governance of Blockchain Systems:
Governance of and by Distributed Infrastructure


COALA, June 2018

Distributed Power:
How Blockchain Will Transform Energy Markets

Lawrence Orsini, October 2018

Saving the Web:
How Blockchain Can Secure the Future of the Digital Age

Don Tapscott and Christian Keil, November 2018

Blockchain and the Chief Strategy Officer:
How DLT Will Transform Strategy Design and Delivery

Brightline Initiative and the BRI, July 2019

Blockchain In Global Trade:
Revitalizing International Commerce in the Digital Era

Deloitte Inc., April 2019

Distributed Artificial Intelligence:
Blockchain as an Operating Platform for AI

Anjan Vinod and Don Tapscott, March 2019

Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education and Lifelong Learning:
Preparing for Disruption, Leading the Transformation

Don Tapscott, Alex Kaplan and IBM, April 2019

Blockchain and the Project Management Office:
A Distributed Platform for Strategy Delivery

Anthony Williams and Brightline Initiative, April 2019

Blockchain, Exchanges and Regulation:
Exploring the Impact of Decentralized Asset Management

Chase Smith, May 2019

Blockchain Identity Services:
Technical Benchmark of Existing Blockchain-Based Identity Systems

COALA, July 2019

Non-Fungible Tokens:
Transforming the Worlds of Assets, Gaming, and Collectibles

Alan Majer, August 2019

Journey to Blockchain:
A Non-Technologist’s Guide to the Internet of Value

Hilary Carter, September 2019

Issued Patents on Blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property Claims

Thomas M. Isaacson, August 2019

Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain:
How a DLT System Could Fund the Next Generation of Transportation Infrastructure

David Mirynech, August 2019



Don Tapscott, February 2020

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