‘Twas the Night Before Consensus

By Hilary Carter

‘Twas the night before Consensus, when all through New York
Not a creature was caring about the bitcoin hard fork;
The lanyards were hung around necks with great care,
In hopes that Don Tapscott soon would be there;

The maximalists gathered to take down the feds,
While visions of unicorns danced in their heads;
Most delegates wore sneakers, while I wore my heels,
Spend a day in these babies and you’ll know how it feels!

In the early hours at the Hilton there arose such a clatter,
Long line-ups at registration was the heart of the matter;

Away to the plenary, the crowds flew like a flash,
To take in Don’s keynote on the new digital cash;

Then, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But an enterprise panel – business blockchains, to be clear!

No shilling of crypto, no price bubble specs,
Don Tapscott was interviewing the CEO of FedEx!

With just a few questions, so lively and quick,
We learned enterprise blockchains were starting to stick;

And more rapid than eagles, new BRI members, they came!
And Don whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

“Now, CISCO! now, DELTA! now, BITA and AON!
And we’re only getting started,” Don said, “wait and see…
Next year’s enterprise conference is called BRG!”

On a pentagonal stage will great discussions unfold,
Describing how enterprise can leverage this digital gold;

So to business leaders everywhere, remember Don’s refrain:
“Now is the time to embrace blockchain!”


BRI Europe