Toronto, ON – The Blockchain Research Institute ™ (BRI) today unveiled its first publicly available research compilation, Financial Services Revolution: How Blockchain Is Transforming Money, Markets, and Banking. Under agreement with the members who fund the BRI, select research may be made available to the public after an exclusivity period. This is the first of a series of four books to be published in 2020.

With some of the world’s leading thinkers in blockchain and finance contributing chapters, the book surveys the coming digital storm in the world of banking and financial markets. Experts detail how blockchain will level the playing field, offer individuals more financial sovereignty, and create greater transparency in operations.

The work is curated and edited by BRI co-founder Alex Tapscott, who provides the leadoff chapter as well as a preface to some of the biggest transformations to the financial services industry.

“Every business in every industry is being transformed by the blockchain revolution, but the impact on financial services will be cataclysmic,” said Tapscott. “This work brings together thought leadership from the world’s foremost experts on blockchain, to help readers navigate the impending disruption. Companies that understand this shift, the biggest change in value perhaps ever, can survive and even prosper in the next wave of business convulsions.”

Other contributors include Michael J. Casey, Alexis Collomb, Primavera de Filippi, Andreas Park, Klara Sok, Bob Tapscott, Fennie Wang, and Anthony Williams.

The book, distributed by Barlow Publishing, is now available for preorder on Amazon. All revenues from the book after costs will be reinvested in the research and member programs of the BRI.


About the BRI:

The Blockchain Research Institute ™ (BRI) is a global think-tank that helps organizations realize the new promise of the digital economy by researching the strategic implications of blockchain technology and producing practical insights to guide its members in achieving success. The BRI was founded in 2017 by Don and Alex Tapscott, the co-authors of the best-selling book Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World.

The institute’s global team of experts have contributed to over 100 in-depth research projects either published or in production. Research covers financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and resources, technology/media, healthcare and government; as well as how this nascent technology is changing the way companies are managed. To complement the research, the institute offers a suite of services to its members, including a private website for the sharing of deliverables, monthly webinars, all-member summits, and other exclusive activities. The institute’s research findings, conclusions and recommendations are member-exclusive for a six to twelve month period, before they are released under a Creative Commons license.


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