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The foundation of the Blockchain Research Institute ™ Europe’s work is our research, which includes over 100 in-depth projects from a global network of experts, focusing on these key verticals:


The BRI research program includes dozens of new case studies, white papers, and in-depth examinations into the impact of blockchain on corporate management structures. All of the BRI’s research projects are exclusive to members on a six-month basis before they are released to the public. Click here to view a complete list of our published and upcoming research.

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Not an employee of a BRI member? After six months, our research is made publicly available under a creative commons license.

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W3B Talk Big Tech Stories 2025

Big Tech Stories of 2025 

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Web3 in the Pharmaceutical Industry thumbnail

Web3 in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Coopetition in Global Commerce

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It’s Easy to Talk. It’s Hard to Build. Don Tapscott Interviews Charles Hoskinson on Building the Future

Don Tapscott Interviews Charles Hoskinson on Building the Future

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Young Community-Owned Prediction Markets

Community-Owned Prediction Markets

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Non-Fungible Tokens – Part II: An Enterprise View of Programmable Digital Assets

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Cosmos and Polkadot for the Enterprise

Cosmos and Polkadot for the Enterprise

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State of Enterprise Blockchain: A Mid-Year Review

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New Directions For Government

New Directions for Government In the Second Era of the Digital Age

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