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Now available in Paperback with a new Preface and Afterword

There is one form of technology that will have greater impact on the world economy than self-driving cars, solar energy, or even artificial intelligence.

  Blockchain is that technology.

Blockchain is a simple protocol that bypasses intermediaries and allows for anonymous and secure transactions that are permanently recorded on a public ledger.

  Blockchain is not only for Bitcoin.

Blockchain holds the power to reshape and transform the world of business and the old order of human affairs.

  Blockchain is changing the world.


Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World,  written by Don and Alex Tapscott, is now available in Paperback. The Updated Paperback Edition includes a new Preface and Afterword with a combined 25,000 words of additional content. The additions cover recent blockchain developments in the realm of cryptoassets, smart contracts, ICO’s and beyond.

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Available in 18 languages.

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“The Tapscotts have written the book, literally, on how to survive and thrive in this next wave of technology-driven disruption. Likely to become one of the iconic books of our time.”

Clay Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma

“What a spectacular book.  Mind-blowing in its expansiveness and profundity.  It makes me think we’re at one of those times in technology, economic and social history where the sky is the limit.”

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple Computer and Chief Scientist, Prime Data

“A carefully researched and beautifully written book. Blockchain Revolution argues that the ‘internet of value’ will transform our lives. A must-read book for our disruptive times.”

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

“A fascinating—and reassuring—insight into a technology with the power to remake the global economy. What a prize. What a book!”

Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

“The great missing element in the Internet has been a ‘trust protocol,” a way of knowing that a transaction is verified and authentic. Blockchain technology could provide a foun­dation for that. It’s a revolutionary idea, and this lucid book explains why.”

Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

“Occasionally a book comes along that changes the global discourse.  This is likely to be one of those books. Blockchains are at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Tapscotts lucidly explain how and how to capture the opportunity and avoid the dangers.”

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

“Don and Alex brilliantly illuminate the technology that could profoundly impact the way we manage issues of trust, security and privacy for years to come.”

Indra Nooyi, Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

“A masterpiece. Gracefully dissects the potential of blockchain technology to take on today’s most pressing global challenges.”

Hernando De Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Peru

Blockchain Research Institute™ Europe