Toronto, CANADA; February 4, 2020 – The first tranche of speakers at Blockchain Revolution Global, coming to Toronto April 7th-8th, was announced today, including leading regulators, innovators, researchers and enterprise leaders. Among the over 20 speakers announced, over half are women.

“We’re pleased to showcase some of the women pushing this industry and this technology forward on our 2020 stage,”  said Hilary Carter, Blockchain Research Institute ™ co-founder and BRG agenda curator. “This is our small way of encouraging a greater depth of discussion among the people helping build the second era of the internet.”

In recent months and years, a number of reports have demonstrated the lack of gender diversity in the blockchain sector. A 2019 study found that only 5 per cent of contributors to cryptocurrency-related initiatives on GitHub were women, and LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue recently pointed to the sector’s gender inequality as an issue of growing concern.

“There is no shortage of talented, visionary women working with this technology, but their voices are too often drowned out,” said Carter. “By carefully curating an agenda that features diverse perspectives, we can help improve the engagement of women in the sector while providing a more insightful experience to all our attendees.”

Blockchain Revolution Global’s 2020 conference will feature over 80 speakers on a dozen different stages, each dedicated to showcasing blockchain’s transformative potential and applications in a different industry vertical.

The next tranche of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Accelerating the Blockchain Revolution

Coming to Toronto April 7th-8th, Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is the world’s premier enterprise blockchain experience. Founded as a partnership between the Blockchain Research Institute ™ and MCI Group, the event attracted over 1200 attendees in its inaugural year, over two thirds of whom came from senior management or the C-Suite.

Its 12 stages showcase inspiring talks, provocative and thoughtful sessions and brain dates featuring a roster of global CEOs, practitioners and BRI researchers led by the renowned worldwide thought leader on blockchain, Don Tapscott.

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