1. What is the Blockchain Research Institute ™ Europe?

The BRIE is an independent think-tank focusing on the strategic implications of blockchain technology on business, government and society in Europe. We provide member organizations with in-depth research exploring the opportunities, challenges and implementation hurdles of blockchain in their industry, as well as the impact of technology on corporate management.

In addition to this research and together with the BRI, our North American counterpart, the BRIE supports a global network of enterprise leaders, pioneering innovators and subject matter experts intended to help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in business and government.

2. Who founded the Blockchain Research Institute ™ Europe?

The BRIE, led by Dominic Briggs, was initiated by Blockwall, Germany’s first BaFin-registered Blockchain Venture Capital fund, and the BRI (Canada), founded and led by globally-recognized speakers and blockchain thinkers Don & Alex Tapscott.

In 2017, Don and Alex founded the BRI to create a network of experts to study the various opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology, finding that its exploration shed light on more questions than answers.

  • How will this technology transform specific industries?
  • What are the true challenges and limitations facing blockchain’s development today, and how can they be overcome?
  • How will it change the nature of corporations and the management of companies?
  • What will it mean for government architecture and the creation of public value?
  • How could it help to solve the defining global issues of our era, such as income inequality and climate change?

The program has since grown into a global think-tank, supported by many of the world’s most influential companies, governments and thought leaders. In supporting the emergence of Europe as a hub for innovation and exploration into blockchain technology, Blockwall established the BRIE in 2020. Blockwall leverages their deep insights and understanding of blockchain technology and their strong ties to both the diverse ecosystem of the blockchain space and the market participants that have assembled around it in pursuing their vision of democratizing trust in a digital world.


3. What exactly are you researching?

The core focus of our research lies on bridging the gap between the technological functionality of blockchain technology and developing market-ready implementations in real-world use cases. Together with our private- and public-sector members and partners, we support enterprise leaders in identifying opportunities for blockchain adoption within their own organization and guide them throughout the adoption process. Our database comprises over 100 research projects on the strategic impact of blockchain and associated technologies on business and government. Our research is designed to help enterprise leaders identify opportunities for blockchain adoption within their own organization, and provide a guide through the adoption process.

The Institute’s program focuses on ten key sectors that we expect to be impacted by blockchain:

  • Energy & Power
  • Financial Services
  • Government, Law & Regulation
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & the Creative Industries
  • Retail
  • Resources & Mining
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

The Institute is also examining how blockchain will change these corporate roles:

  • CEO: Leadership & Strategy
  • COO: Logistics & Supply Chain
  • CLO: Smart Contracts & Legal Applications
  • CFO: Accounting & Corporate Finance
  • CIO: Enterprise Architecture
  • CHRO: Human Resources & Credentialing
  • CMO: Marketing & Advertising

The Institutes' research is divided into two categories: big idea white papers and lighthouse case studies. Our big idea white papers leverage the experience of subject matter experts to provide insights into potential blockchain applications in various industries. Our lighthouse case studies provide in-depth analyses of blockchain pilots around the world, providing a spotlight on why and how an organization has deployed blockchain technology to tackle a specific problem.

4. Who’s conducting the research?

We have brought together a world class network of experts in their respective fields. Alongside our own staff, our contributors span from academics and blockchain pioneers to business leaders and former government officials. You can learn more about our research directors and contributors here.

5. What else does the BRIE provide for members?

In addition to the in-depth research projects, the BRIE provides a more digestible infographic and a video summary from BRI’s executive chairman Don Tapscott - all available through our online research portal. These research deliverables serve as the foundation of our program, but we also provide a number of other customized services to members.

In addition to proprietary access to our research, BRIE members receive:

  • Invitations to our annual All-Member Summits, where the world's foremost enterprise leaders participate in interactive workshops and presentations facilitated by select researchers and subject matter experts
  • Member-exclusive monthly webinars and video content, featuring in-depth Q&As from select industry leaders
  • Co-branding opportunities for books and research projects spearheaded by the BRI
  • Access to our member services team, who help guide members and connect them to our global network of innovators
  • Invitations to ad hoc roundtables focusing on specific industry challenges, as well as the annual Blockchain Revolution Global conference
  • One customized executive briefing, designed and presented by our executive team to help inform members as to the specific opportunities and challenges for blockchain technology

The BRIE is also establishing a division focused exclusively on providing members with a strong and broad network of blockchain developers and integrators. Members that are seeking to deploy blockchain-based solutions in their organization will, through our engagement with their project within the BRIE Builder, facilitate the collaboration with the leading experts in the field of blockchain deployments.  

6. Why should organizations join?

The Blockchain Research Institute ™ is the only organization of its kind, bringing together nearly 40 globally recognized leaders producing intellectual property worth over $5 million.

We also dedicate significant time to assuring your organization extracts the most possible value from the research we provide. We have a strong member experience team that will work closely with you to ensure that the right people in your company are influenced by this work and have the ability to act on it. The program will include a specialized executive briefing, detailing key research areas and relevant experts, builders and potential partners for your organization in this field.

Finally, we work to bridge the gap between enterprise leaders and the pioneers in the blockchain community. The BRI’s knowledge network includes leaders not just in enterprise and government, but world-class researchers and a network of builders and pioneers in blockchain. Our all-member summits are an opportunity to bring these groups together and find opportunities for collaboration.

7. What happens when my company joins the program?

Each member organization assigns a project liaison as its contact. This liaison should be someone who thinks strategically and has at least one day per month to interact with our team, review materials, and ensure that the organization takes full advantage of all deliverables. The BRI's member services team will then lead an on-boarding meeting, identifying the new member's specific needs, and introducing them to our various services.

At the completion of the program, the member services team will spearhead the design of a bespoke executive briefing, collaborating with the member liaison on the appropriate venue and group for the briefing and ensuring that any questions or concerns about the technology are addressed during the presentation.

8. What do you offer to individuals interested in the BRIE’s work?

If you're interested in learning more about blockchain, but aren't an employee with a member organization, there are still a number of ways to benefit from the BRI's thought leadership:

  • Enroll in one of our online courses, developed in partnership with INSEAD and Coursera and designed to be the definitive introduction to blockchain in business
  • Attend our annual conference, Blockchain Revolution Global, which brings together the world's leading authorities on blockchain in the enterprise
  • Read the updated version of Blockchain Revolution, authored by our co-founders Don and Alex Tapscott
  • Sign up for our free online newsletter, Blockchain Revolution Weekly, for weekly news and updates on the blockchain ecosystem

Finally, all our research is released to the public under a Creative Commons license after a six-month proprietary period. Visit our research page and contact us with the research you'd like for more information!

9. What is the relationship of the BRIE to the BRI in Canada?

BRIE is the European counterpart of the BRI in Canada, which was founded in 2017 by Don & Alex Tapscott. In pursuing the joint goal of educating on and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in business and government, the BRIE has a geographic focus on Europe. As such, we lead the expansion of the BRI into the European blockchain ecosystem, bringing together leading enterprises and organizations on the platform in order to produce in-depth, targeted research and facilitate the engagement with and adoption of blockchain technology in Europe. 

10. How big is your team?

Together with the BRI, its North American counterpart, the team is comprised of roughly 15 core staff overseeing research production, member services, event organization and more. However, in addition to core staff, the Institute is supported by a global network of over 40 project leaders and subject matter experts spearheading research. The network consists of blockchain experts as well as experts in our key industry verticals, who bring with them vast expertise on the opportunities for blockchain to transform their industry.

The Institute hires these researchers on a contract basis to write on their specific area of expertise, and give them the platform, audience and resources to bring their ideas and insights to life.