The Blockchain Research Institute ™ was founded on the belief that blockchain offers an opportunity to realize the original promise of the digital era.

Over the past three decades, the rise of the Internet of information has fundamentally changed the way individuals and institutions interact. The digital age has brought with it a new understanding of work, public life, and the basic expectations of business, government and civil society. However, many of the conventions and policies which govern those relationships have not kept up with these disruptions, resulting in a crisis of legitimacy in democratic institutions, the expropriation and manipulation of personal data, and a ‘prosperity paradox’ wherein growing wealth has not been distributed equally.

Clearly, the promise of the digital era, as envisioned by the original pioneers of the Internet, has not been fulfilled.

In January 2018, Blockchain Research Institute ™ co-founder and Executive Chairman Don Tapscott authored a comprehensive manifesto in response to these challenges. “A Declaration of Interdependence: Toward a New Social Contract for the Digital Economy” calls for a fundamental shift in the social contract, redefining the basic expectations and foundational agreement between individuals and institutions in society. Tapscott argues that blockchain and the Internet of value offer a unique second chance to correct the failures of the past three decades, establish a new social contract, and realize the promise of democracy, prosperity and individual empowerment offered by the digital era.

This ground-breaking manifesto is now available to the public and can be downloaded from the link below. For more information on how your organization can collaborate with the Blockchain Research Institute ™, click here.